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Studio City

  • Population44,535
  • Median Home Value$1,294,100
  • Median Household Income$75,657

Studio City is a neighborhood located in Los Angeles, California. Located in the south eastern edge of the San Fernando Valley, it is named after the CBS Studio Center that was established in the area by film producer, Mack Sennett in 1927 and its name still reflects a major cinematic focus of this community. Bordered on the west by Sherman Oaks, Toluca Lake and Universal City on its east, the Santa Monica Mountains on its south and Valley Village on its north, its central location makes it one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

With the location and central proximity to 4 major motion picture and television studios and countless production companies, Studio City is an ideal place to live and work for residents in the entertainment industry; actors, producers, executives and emerging talent alike. Easily accessible to the Westside by its main arteries, Laurel and Coldwater Canyon, and to Hollywood by Cahuenga Pass, many residents choose to live in this quieter, more relaxed tree-lined suburban enclave and make the daily commute over the hill.

The main commercial thoroughfare, Ventura Blvd, runs east to west through the city and divides its two main residential areas; with the valley portion sitting north of Ventura while the hillside neighborhood lies to the south. Single-family homes, condos, and town homes are costlier than the remainder of Los Angeles; however, the range is extensive; from large gated estates in the hills to smaller starter homes in the flats. The median home value in Studio City is $1.2M.


The Community

Studio City is the perfect place for entertainment professionals seeking a more low-key, paparazzi-free lifestyle and families looking for a respite from the fast urban pace of Los Angeles. Ventura Blvd, affectionately known as “sushi row” for its high density of sushi restaurants, is the city’s main restaurant, bar and retail hub. Both quaint and trendy at the same time, the boulevard is lined with a multitude of hip boutiques in equal measure to large chain stores, a diverse array of dining options and nightlife spots. Studio City’s appeal lays in its stylish small-town allure while keeping step with its westside neighbors on all things trending; espresso bars, outdoor cafes, yoga studios, vegan dining and organic soft-serve desert shops dot the landscape as frequently as they do on the westside. It’s the Robertson Blvd. of the Valley.

The Culture

Since 1970, Studio City has played host to the 2-day bi-annual Rotary Art Shows in May and October which attracts artists and large crowds of art lovers alike. The nearby Universal Studios amusement park, studio tour, shopping walk, and Amphitheater are high on the list of must-sees for locals and tourists alike. Tucked into Coldwater Canyon is Tree People Park, an endeavor to bring conservancy, technology, and connection to the natural spaces that coexist and sustain our urban areas. The Mark Taper Amphitheater, located within the park, is a unique venue for theater, lectures, and concerts.

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The Lifestyle

With many residents living, working and playing within the city bounds, life here is all about balance. Whether you are commuting to work or shuttling the kids to school or little league, the pace is decidedly relaxed. Weekends can be spent lazily strolling the Farmers Market, hiking the trails or grabbing brunch after some retail therapy. Although parts of the city are walkable, much of the time you will be driving. Not particularly transit-friendly; the nearest Metro station is in Universal City.

Valley living also has its advantages with miles of lushly-forested trails for hiking and biking. Fryman Canyon in WilacrePark sits right above Studio City and provides visitors with options to hike, walk their dogs and ride horses throughout the trails. You’re even likely to see the occasional famous face. For those that don’t want to venture into the hills, Studio City's river edges are also going green. The neighborhood is transforming the wash banks into walkable pathways.

Catering to the young singles with a hopping bar and tavern scene or to families looking for a safe and fully amenitized suburban offering; Studio City is likely the most stylish of all the San Fernando Valley neighborhoods. It’s little wonder it’s the location to some of the most iconic sitcom homes in television; including The Brady Bunch.

School District

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Studio City is home to many great schools including Campbell Hall, Oakwood Elementary School, and Harvard-Westlake High School. The latter is one of the highest regarded private schools in the city and has been ranked in the top 10 schools in the country by Niche.com two years in row.

Properties in Studio City

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11560 Dilling Street Studio City, CA 91604 $7,381,000

7 Bed \ 8 | 1 Bath \ 9,733 SqFt

3523 Wrightwood Court Studio City, CA 91604 $6,500,000

5 Bed \ 5 | 1 Bath \ 7,239 SqFt

3931 OESTE Avenue Studio City, CA 91604 $6,495,000

7 Bed \ 11 Bath \ 10,015 SqFt

3280 FRYMAN Road Studio City, CA 91604 $5,985,000

6 Bed \ 6 | 1 Bath \ 6,486 SqFt

11900 BRIARVALE Lane Studio City, CA 91604 $5,950,000

6 Bed \ 5 | 2 Bath \ 6,477 SqFt

3369 FRYMAN Place Studio City, CA 91604 $5,199,000

5 Bed \ 5 | 1 Bath \ 6,072 SqFt

13000 BLAIRWOOD Drive Studio City, CA 91604 $4,999,900

5 Bed \ 3 | 3 Bath \ 5,807 SqFt

3598 Alta Mesa Drive Studio City, CA 91604 $4,895,000

4 Bed \ 3 Bath \ 5,000 SqFt

4226 LEMP Avenue Studio City, CA 91604 $4,500,000

5 Bed \ 5 | 1 Bath \ 5,254 SqFt

12480 VIEWCREST Road Studio City, CA 91604 $4,295,000

5 Bed \ 7 Bath \ 5,500 SqFt

11747 LAURELWOOD Drive Studio City, CA 91604 $4,199,000

5 Bed \ 6 | 1 Bath \ 6,361 SqFt

3768 Berry Drive Studio City, CA 91604 $3,995,000

4 Bed \ 2 | 4 Bath \ 5,598 SqFt

3205 Berry Drive Studio City, CA 91604 $3,995,000

3 Bed \ 5 Bath \ 3,980 SqFt

3147 DONA EMILIA Drive Studio City, CA 91604 $3,515,000

5 Bed \ 5 | 1 Bath \ 4,798 SqFt

12757 VALLEYHEART Drive Studio City, CA 91604 $3,495,000

5 Bed \ 6 Bath \ 5,059 SqFt

12415 Landale Street Studio City, CA 91604 $3,199,000 - $3,399,000 (V*)

6 Bed \ 4 | 2 Bath \ 5,001 SqFt

10855 ALTA VIEW Drive Studio City, CA 91604 $3,375,000

6 Bed \ 4 Bath \ 3,010 SqFt

12727 Landale Street Studio City, CA 91604 $3,350,000

5 Bed \ 5 | 2 Bath \ 6,241 SqFt

10802 ALTA VIEW Drive Studio City, CA 91604 $3,195,000

4 Bed \ 4 | 1 Bath \ 3,393 SqFt

12127 LAUREL TERRACE Drive Studio City, CA 91604 $3,195,000

5 Bed \ 5 | 1 Bath \ 4,000 SqFt

11039 WRIGHTWOOD Place Studio City, CA 91604 $3,095,000

3 Bed \ 2 | 1 Bath \ 3,071 SqFt

12142 HOLLYGLEN Place Studio City, CA 91604 $2,995,000

5 Bed \ 6 | 1 Bath \ 5,028 SqFt

4145 Tujunga Avenue Studio City, CA 91604 $2,899,000

5 Bed \ 5 | 1 Bath \ 5,045 SqFt

12412 W RYE Street Studio City, CA 91604 $2,800,000

5 Bed \ 5 | 1 Bath \ 4,231 SqFt
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