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Agent CenterAvenue Homes values our relationships with the larger real estate community and we recognize the importance added by third party agents to our sustained growth and look to create long-term, mutually profitable partnerships.

We are an all-cash, dependable buyer who is capable of rapid due diligence, expeditious decision-making and can close deals in just a few days. No other investment firm understands the single family redevelopment market in greater Los Angeles as well as we do.

Avenue Homes buys across a spectrum of opportunities.

  • Our Investment Criteria

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    $2M to $5M

    We focus on infill locations across Los Angeles county and specifically on properties with exit values between $2M to $5M.

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    Flat Lots

    Avenue Homes buys across the spectrum of deals with a focus on flat lots with favorable zoning and building conditions to accelerate project timelines and mitigate development risk. If it’s on a flat lot, we want to see it and will quickly tell you if a deal exists. Lot to be a minimum of 50 feet in width.

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    Value Add

    Out dated. Under developed. Under utilized. That’s a transaction catalyst for our team.

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    Geographic Focus

    Our business intelligence platform utilizes sophisticated geo-mapping technology cross referenced against public information, market sale and turnover data, liquidity events, building permit information and consumer data to accurately identify pockets within the greater Los Angeles area that are most likely to transact.

Where We Focus

Avenue Homes is currently buying homes in metro Los Angeles, specifically, the westside of Los Angeles and the south San Fernando Valley. We concentrate in our efforts in the cities detailed below.


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Agent Loyalty Incentive Program

Get Paid Fast, You deserve it!

We have created an agent loyalty incentive program called Avenue Advance, which is just one of the many ways you can succeed by working with Avenue. Learn more about our unique agent partnership rewards and incentives.

Do you have a great investment opportunity for Avenue Homes? Get in touch with us and build your career with Avenue Homes.

Do you have a great investment opportunity that you think Avenue Homes would be interested in? Get in touch with your acquisitions team now and start your relationship with Avenue.

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